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Talamasca Armory

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Type: Description Armour Rating

Heavy Clothing Just like normal clothing, but the thickness andweight of the clothing grants it slightly moreprotection. 3 AP

Robe A staple for mages to wear 3 AP to physical and all magical attacks

Brigandine Armor A very tough vest designed to protect the torso area 4 AP

Leather Armor Armor that is specifically suited and form-fitted to the user. The armor is made out of a thin layer of leather, granting more protection from attacks than heavy clothing. 5 AP

Rubber Suit A suit made entirely of rubber. The armor itself looks a bit tacky, but it's uses are pretty advantageous. 5 AP to Fire/Lightning/Ice/Physical Attacks

Thick Leather Armor Just like Leather Armor, but it's much thicker. However, mobility can be slightly hindered due to the thickness of the leather. 7 AP

Plated Leather Armor Just like Thick Leather Armor, except that in thechest is covered in with a thin layer of metal 10 AP

Mithril Shirt A shirt made by the elves out of mithril silver. Mithril silver is very light weight and even a wafer thin sheet of mithril silver can stop arrows in their tracks 25 AP


Type: Description: Armour Rating:

Splintmail Armor that is used with small metal plates placed intocloth. Due to the number of metal plates in theclothing, it increases defense but lowers speed. 8 AP

Scalemail Just like the scales of a dragon, each peice of thearmor is woven to look just like the scales of adragon 12 AP

Ringmail This armor is made entirely out of rings interlockedwith each other. The rings are the size of ahalf-dollar, offering a bit more protection againstarrows and bolts. 15 AP. -3 damage from Arrows/Bolts.

Chainmail Similar to Ringmail, however, the chains that bindthis armor together is layered with smallerlinks than the ringmail. This also does well against Arrows and Bolts 18 AP. -5 damage from arrows/bolts.

Beasthyde Armor Armor made out of the skins of a beast. It iscommonly seen that the beast's head and maw are usedas a helmet while the pelts are used over the rest oftheir body as armor. 20 AP

Bamboo Armor Armor made entirely out of bamboo. However, inbetween each slice of bamboo, there is a metal plateplaced between each slice of bamboo. This armor isused primarily for speed and protection 22 AP.


Type: Description: Armour Rating:

Half Platemail This armor is a downgraded version of platemail,offering only the areas protection with large metallicplates of armor 18 AP

Full Platemail This armor covers the user completely in metal. Inmost cases, flesh is rarely seen when one wears thisarmor to battle. 25 AP

Maximillian Armor Armor that is intricately designed and has is composedof extra thick metal. This armor is meant only fordefense, throwing speed into the wind40 AP, -20% Melee/Defense Range.

Great Armor The full metal armor used by the shoguns. It is builtin the same shape of Bamboo armor, however, it is madeof hard cold steel 30 AP.

Wyvern Hyde Armor Armor made from the actual pelts of a wyvern. Thewyvern's wings can be torn off to compensate for those that already fly. Comes with wyvern claws that attatch to the arm. 30 AP, 1d15 Claws

Black Diamond Armor An extremely heavy, extremely expensive, extremelyimpregnable armor that is used only for defense. Breaking through this armor will be rather difficult.Very difficult 70 AP. Lowers all Ratios to 20


Name Type DMG Modifier Description

Kodachi 1 handed 1d4 +10 Defend against weapons Primarily a defensive weapon. The blade isn't verylong and it lacks in physical strength. However, whereit lacks in physical strength, it adds with defensivemight.

Wakizashi 1 handed 1d6 1d10 dmg on initial draw A weapon that is small and used for quick attacks. The Wakizashi is known for quick attacks with thelightning draw.

Katana 1 handed 1d8 None The basic weapons of all those that use Eastern Swords. This blade is single sided and because of thet empering required to make it, it's very sturdy andvery swift.

No-Dachi 2 handed 1d12 None A much longer version of the Katana. This weapon hasquite a bit more reach and a much longer blade.

Kotetsu 2 handed 1d13 None The sword that many legendary swordsmen use. Thisblade was crafted so it wouldn't break. But due tothe crafting, the weapon is actually very heavy. Notexactly user friendly, but it takes a bit of time tomaster this weapon.

Swallow Sword 2 handed 2d8 Roll of 95-100 resultsin self attack A long, double sword with blades at both ends of theweapon. Often used like a staff, the movements ofthis weapon is very fluid and without flaw. Verydangerous to use, but very effective.

Zanbatou 2 handed 1d30 -35 Melee Ratio An enormous blade, even bigger than that of the Zweihander. This weapon was meant to destroy both the horse and the horse rider in 1 swipe. However, due to it's massively heavy weight, the movements of the Zanbatou is very predictable.


Name Type DMG Modifier Description

Short Sword 1 handed 1d6 None A sword that is just slightly larger than a dagger. Not very effective at all. A good starter's weapon.

Rapier 1 handed 1d6 +1 Melee Ratio The blade is flimsy and can be fairly easy to break.

Saber 1 handed 1d8 +1 Melee Ratio A sword mainly used by military officers asdecoration. These swords can also be used to both slash and stab. The thin blade gives it great mobility.

Scimitar 1 handed 1d8 +2 damage to unarmored opponents A curved blade well known to be used by the Arabians. This curved blade can cleave skin quite easily and without resistance.

Falchion 1 handed 1d10 +5 damage to unarmored opponents. Similar to a scimitar, but the Falchion has a much more broader edge. It's slightly more difficult to wield this weapon, but it deals more damage

Flamberge 2 handed 1d10 +3 damage to Chain Armor A blade that resembles fire with it's serpentine shape. The blade is double edged and is effective against chain armor.

Hand and a Half Sword 1 or 2 handed 1d10(1H)1d1(2H) None A long, broad blade that can be wielded in either 1 orboth hands. 1 or 2 handed.

Claymore 2 handed 1d12 +5 Defend against other 2Handed Swords. The main sword given to knights for the battle field. The crowd favorite. This weapon is double edged witha large cross guard.

Bastard Sword 2 handed 1d14 -5 Melee Ratio Also known as a beheading sword or an executioner's sword. This sword is normally meant for beheadings,but can often be seen on the battle field, butcheringenemies.

Bone Crushing Sword 2 handed 1d12 +5 damage to plate armor A sword that isn't meant to be sharp. This sword isused primarily to destroy and break bones. Zweihander 2 handed 1d25 -20 Melee Ratio A distinctly large sword that is both broad in the blade and as large as a man. The Zweihander is very difficult to wield and requires a great amount of strength to wield.

Orcish Blade 1 handed 1d12 +5 damage to unarmored opponents. A blade that isn't very sharp, but has a jagged edgeused to saw into a person's flesh.



Type: Description: Defense Rating:

Wooden Buckler A buckler made entirely of wood. It isn't verydurable, but it's easy to use. Can still use 2 handedweapons with this equipped +1 Defend

Iron Buckler A buckler made entirely of Iron.. It's a littleheavier, but it's more resilient than the woodedbuckler. Can still use 2 handed weapons with this equipped. +3 Defend.

Steel Buckler A buckler made out of an alloy called Steel. This buckler is used greatly for defense and is one of the more prime bucklers on the market. Can still use 2handed weapons with this equipped. +5 Defend.

Diamond Buckler An expensive looking buckler that is completely break-resistant. Very expensive and highly visible. Can still use 2 handed weapons with this equipped +10 Defend.

Small Shields

Type: Description: Defense Rating:

Small Round Shield About the size of a buckler, but carried in one hand. It's also good for pushing off of opponents. 1 Handed. +5 Defend.

Small Dia Shield A shield that is the size of a chest plate, heldfirmly in the recessive hand. The weapon is shaped tocatch the blade with it's riveted edges. 1 Handed +7 Defend.

Medium Shields:

Type: Description: Defense Rating:

Round Shield A larger version of the Small Round Shield. Instead,the shield rests upon the forearm. The Shield has aparabolic shape, meant to deflect weapons from it's surface. 1 Handed. -2 Melee Ratio. +7 Defend

Dia Shield A larger version of the Small Dia Shield. Instead,the shield rests upon the forearm. The shield is shaped like a diamond, having rigid edges known to catch blades and even hold them. 1 Handed. -3 Melee Ratio. +10 Defend. 10% chance to catch the blade. Once caught, the wielder can either releasethe blade or take a turn to remove the blade with a successful STR check.

Crusader Shield A shield most commonly used by the crusaders. It's shaped similarly to a family shield, having the symbol of a deity in the shield's body. 1 Handed. -5 Melee Ratio. +12 Defend.

Heater Shield Slightly bigger than the crusader shield, but made with tough metal alloys. This shield is known for it's durability and it's well known likeness of charging. 1 Handed. -7 Melee Ratio. +15 Defend. 1d10 damage if used as a charging weapon

Large Shields:

Type: Description: Defense Rating:

Tower Shield The most common of large shields. This shield reachesthe ground and extends upwards 6 feet high.. Used primarily as protection from a hail of arrows. 1Handed. -10 Melee Ratio/ +15 Defend Ratio. +5 more defend when defending against arrows.

Phalanx Shield Like the Phalanx, these shields are primarily used to defend others. These shields cover more than half of the portion of a person's body. If becoming a true Phalanx, a phalanx would use two of these shields. 1Handed. -12 Melee Ratio/+20 Defend Ratio. May equip 2 Phalanx shields. However, if 2 phalanx shields are used, the defender may not attack. Mainly used to defend someone.

Offensive Shields:

Name Type DMG Modifier Description

Spiked Round Shield 1 handed 1d8 +5 Defend Ratio A generic round shield with a large spike in the middle.

Fanning Buckler 1 handed 1d12 +5 Defend Ratio A shield that appears to be a Zyndag, but with the pull of the wrist, the zyndag fans out to a circular shield. If the shield is in weapon mode, the shield cannot be used. If the shield is in shield mode, the weapon cannot be used.

Piercing Buckler 1 handed 1d10 +5 Defend Ratio A buckler with a long blade at one end.

Modu 1 handed 1d8 +5 Defend Ratio A weapon used by tribesmen. It's a shield that has along blade facing downwards. In total, the shield,including the blade, can stand up 4 feet tall. The blade is primarily used for attacking the legs.

Throwing Shield 1 handed 1d8 Throwable A throwing shield.

Buster Shield 1 handed 1d15 +10 Defend Ratio A shield that has a large blade at one end,which is usually flat upon the back of the hand, used like a claw. Due to it's breaking point being the elbowin stead of the wrist, it does an unrealistic amount of damage for a shield.