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" Wizard’s Book of Magic

Greetings oh mystic one we seek one with knowledge of the mystic ways. If ye know of a one who is willing to learn of our ways we the masters of all magic will train thee in the ways of Kal`ira . Thy first lesson will be in the Healing ways…


The first of the spells ye shall learn is Cauterize (Spirit Ratio) Range: Touch Components: V Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: One creature Saving Throw: None This spell will cauterize a wound without causing pain. Cauterizing stops bleeding, heals 1 HP, and prevents infection of any kind. Having a wound cauterized will leave a small scar, as would a burn.

Second Spell in this series is Major Heal. (Necromancy) Range: Touch Saving roll: Spirit Ratio This spell will heal an injury that causes death. If Caster passes roll the wounds are healed 1d100 of the percentage of the injury.

The third spell of the series is Calming. (Necromancy) Saving Roll: Spirit Ratio Calms a troubled mind if caster passes save roll. Victim is calmed and rational after spell is casted.

Healing Sleep if casted upon the injured they receive 1d20 Hp after one night of restful sleep.

Mind Link: Caster links to mind of person extremely distraught. Allows Caster to seek out what is causing the trouble in the victim’s mind allowing the caster to fight the enemy with the Victim’s mind. Saving Roll: Spirit Ratio

Healing Breeze: Caster casts a breeze that completely heals all allied forces of all injuries and illness. Saving Roll: Spirit Ratio


The second class of Magic that will be learned is Elemental Magic. These spells are broken down into the following. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.


Earthquake: Caster causes earthquake beneath the enemy forces causing 2d100 damage to the entire enemy at once. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio If caster passes Saving Roll he/she can then roll for damage roll there is not Evading roll against this mystical attack.

Creeping Vines: Caster can have vines attach to the enemy and restrain the enemy for 5 rounds. The enemy has to roll Str Check to see if they can break free. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

Quick Sand: Caster can cause the ground under the enemy to turn into Quick Sand. Enemy is pulled down into the ground and killed after 5 rounds. Enemy rolls Con & Str checks to see if the can crawl out. They have 5 rounds to do so and have to pass Check rolls each round or parish. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

Turn to Stone: Caster turns one enemy into stone. Enemy can evade via Reflect Spell. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio


Tornado: Cast causes a large wind funnel to appear behind the enemy. No evade on this attack. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio If passed causes 3d100 on entire enemy forces.

Wind Wall: Caster creates a wall of wind the deflects all Arial missiles attacks. Protects entire group. Duration 10 rounds. Saving Roll Elemental Ratio

Walk of Faith: Caster can allow entire group to walk on air. Duration 5 rounds. Saving Roll: None

Demon Wind: Caster summons a wind that contains a horde of Demons that attacks the enemy. Damage: 601d100 Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio


Inferno: Caster can cause an enemy burst into flames and burn to death. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

Fireball: Caster can cast up to seven fireballs at seven enemies. Damage: 1d10 +5 Auto-Damage if caster rolls 1-10 on 1d100 roll. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

Wall of Fire: Caster can create a protective wall of fire to keep the enemy at bay or allow the group to escape. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

Flaming-Tornado: Caster casts a Tornado as he/she combines Inferno with it. Damage is double then normal Tornado 6d100 damage. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio


Artic Blast: A sudden gust of fridiged wind that causes serious frostbite to the enemy. 3d20 Damage Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

Death Mist: Caster casts a fog of Deadly Toxic *water mist to cover the land behind the group to prevent hostel pressures from attacking from behind. Deadly fog lasts three days. If entered the fog causes 1d50 Damage for every minute the person remains within it. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio If caught in the fog ye have to roll a Stat Check against thy CON Stat.

Ice Daggers: Caster casts 10 Ice like Daggers at small group of enemy. The Daggers hit as it freezes the target zone it struck. 2d15 Damage pre hit. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

Walk on Water: Caster casts a spell that allows all members of the group to walk on water. Last 10 rounds. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

** Special Elemental spells:

Elemental Shield: Casts a Spell that allows all to survive in any or all Elements. Last 10 rounds. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio

Elemental Rage: This spell is used as a last resort for it combines all for elements. For 3 rounds it lasts and has to be used with Elemental Shield. After spell is cast it is like all Nature has gone berserk. Saving Roll: Elemental Ratio


Arcane is the most interesting of all the magic known to the world for there are unlimited uses of this kind of magic. What ever ye can dream up it is possible with this type of magic.

Mystic-Gate: Caster opens a portal to another part of the world. This spell helps ease on travel time. Only flaw is that the caster has to know where they are going so he can picture the area in his mind other wise the location can be at random. Saving Roll: None

Pocket Shelter: Caster can create an inn that can lodge up to fifty people. This inn is fully stocked with food and drink to last 20 days. It remains visible as long as someone remains with in it. Saving Roll: None

Mirror Image: Allows the caster to create a clone of himself or any of the members. These clones are perfect for decoys or as spies for the caster knows everything the Clone sees and hears. Saving Roll: Arcane Ratio

Death Clone: Caster can create a clone of a dying member of the group. The clone only comes to life after the death of the original. Saving Roll: Arcane Ratio

Watcher’s Mirror: Caster can see what is going on in any mirror. Can see future, past or present time. Saving Roll: Arcane Ratio

Levitation: Caster can lift items into the air. Or themselves. Helps reach high spaces. Saving Roll: Arcane Ratio

Sorcerer Site: Caster can see into unknown locations and tell his group how to travel the Dungeon. These spell doses not allow wizard see hidden doors or traps.

Mystic Light: This spell allows caster to light up an area 20 square feet. This light lasts 30 minutes. Saving Roll: None

Nova-Star: Arcane version of the Fireball. This casts one massive fireball that can completely destroy two enemies at once. Saving Role Arcane Ratio Warning: A critical on this roll can automatically kill the caster as well.

These are all the spells this mystic knows for more spells look to those places that are unexpected. Thy honorable friend and ally,
Merlin wizard to King Arthur Pendragon