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Combat Rules

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Combat is when offensive action is incited. Firstimitative must be established, all parties involvedroll a d100, the highest roll goes first, second, highsecond roll goes, and so forth. Each combatant thenmust specify type of attack & percentage for attacksuccess, as well as number of attacks.

Melee Attacks When a martial weapon user, or a unarmed combat ispreformed, percentages may change for attack.Percentages come from a base 20%, and builds off yourStrength, and items. If the item is not equipped, you do not get additional percentile bonus.

Ranged Attackswhen using bows, or other projectile emitting object,Dexterity will add to your percentage. Using thestarting base of 20% and the table on the stats chart,you determine your percentage of a successful hit.

Evades & Saves: In an event that one must save, orevade, in the result of a successful attack, thispercentile is used. Evading, is rolled using yourdexterity bonus, armor, and your base 20% Saves specified on spell, though to save you must roll thespecified spell type's save. Being Lore, Arcane, and Spiritual. Much similar to the basic evade rolls,except your save is dependent on your primary stats.Int being your arcane sphere save. Char being yourlore sphere save. Wis being your spiritual spheresave. Armor Points: Your armor used in combat, will haveit's own durability. Once damage exceeds your armorpoints, you begin taking damage to yourself. And to recover your damaged points on armor, it must berepaired. It's turn based. One person attacks and rolls to seeif they succeed. If they do succeed, then the opposing person must make a save from the attack to avoid allor some of the damage. Jon attacks sally with his sword, 40% to hit. d100 Roll: 35 Jon hits, Sally Dodges 30% d100 Roll: 56 Failed the dodge, Jon rolls damage 2d6+3 Roll: 4, 3 (7)+3=10 10 damage.

Critical:Most wonder how do I score my critical hits?Or what are the Critical hits or misses in this game?Well this series of examples should clarify this gamescritical charts. So say. Sally attack Jon with her war fan. 25% to hit. d100 Roll:1 Sally hits Jon for triple damage, no evade. Jon attacks Sally with his sword, 40% to hit. d100 Roll: 100 Jon does double damage to self, and must roll againfor 10% weapon breaking. The critical scores are from 1-5 for a critical hit,and from 95-100 for a critical miss. On a 2-4 you gaindouble damage with opponent at -10% to evade or blockattack. On a 5 you gain double strength modifier, and-5% for opponent to dodge or block. In the event youroll a critical miss, say a 95, you would damagenearby party member, and have a 5% weapon breakingpercent. On the event of rolling a 96-99 you do doubledamage to self, and have a 5% chance to break yourweapon. Rolling the most painful of all, a 100, youwould take double damage, have 10% weapon breakingchance, and suffer from bleeding. And so on.