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Marcus Talamasca

Bio of Marcus Talamasca

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Hight:7'4" Weight:275

Eyes:Red Hair:Black

Special Skills:Can transform into various creatures and fog. His stare is Hypnotic and he can look into one's soul. By doing so he can see the future of the person he is looking at.

He is one of four leaders of the Talamasca family. Standing at 7'4" and weighing 275. He is the playful brother of the two. But he is also known to be quick tempered and could go on a murderous rampage at a drop of a hat.

He is an 15,000 year old vampire and is the twin brother of Marius Talamasca. As a boy he learned his skills from his father and with his brother they became terror to the land of the living. He was single till the age of 5,485 years of age when he met his wife Akasha. They married and lived happily for a 1,000 years when Akasha gave birth to their first daughter Aura. For the next 4,000 years they had a happy life then the entire family went into a deep sleep like trance they slept for the next 5,545 years. But when Marcus woke up he soon discovered something happened as he discovered that he could remember his past life as the tragic King of a clan known as The Saints of Camelot. Once know as Marcus Tolous he was brutally murdered by his brother Brutus and deranged wife Amylyn. He now with his brother try unravel the mystery of his tragic past. He is MARCUS TALAMASCA Co-ruler of the family.
Str: 38
Dex: 44
Con: 45
Wis: 66
Int: 46
Char: 33
To Hit: 74
Defense: 54
Arcane: 55
Elemental: 50
Spirit: 34
Armor: Hell Dragon Armor :Full body armor with the helm or a dragon skull. 40Ap
Nightmare Sword 1d30 Dam This sword is two handed double edged sword that once it cuts it's victim the one injured is driven insane by all the nightmares he/she is forced to live as waking dreams. This sword also adds +15 Str modifier to all melee attacks. This sword is sister sword to the Soul Sword.

Ak47 semi Machinegun 20#1d10 Dam
Composite Long Bow with Quiver of 40 Composite arrows. Bow as +5 range and +5 Damage Modifier. Arrows are 1d10 damage.

"May all Disbelievers Burn in HELL!!!"