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Bio of Marcus Talamasca

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Hight:5'11" Weight:185

Eyes:Blue/Gray Hair:Blonde

Special Skills:Can transform into a wolf. He is able to talk to all animals in nature and get them to do is bidding. He can use basic magic and healing skills.

Description:Thomas stands 5'11" and weighs 185 lbs. He has Blue/Gray eyes and Blonde hair. He normally wears blue jeans a colored silk shirt and black leather jacket. He has a holster with a .45 revoler automatic. He carries 20 extra clips in his specially designed jacket. He also uses a long sword. He is kind to most till prevoked then he kills upon instict.

He was born human to David and Martha McQuire. He was a good student and enjoyed art and music most of his life. When he was twelve years old he learned that he could commuicate with animals. As he matured he helped the local vets to tend to all the animals in White Chapel, the blue collar section of London in 1790. It was on his 23 birthday when he met Cassanra who was a Succibus. She bit him and took all his blood but cause she wanted a companion she turned him into an Icubus and was soon killed by the local slayer. Thomas ran and was taken in by a Kind Wizard and his wife. Their name are Jadar and Cindy and they are Spideriods. The adopted him as their son and taught him Basic Magic and Healing. For the next two hundred years they travaled the world and finally arrived at the Palace Home of the Talamasca Family. His parents joined the family, But Thomas refused to cause to the fact he felt like an outsider. He met Siren Talamasca but he couldn't gain her trust. He soon met a young woman named Claudia to whome he fell in love with. He is now with her and living happily as a member of the Talamasca family.
Str: 13
Dex: 20
Con: 29
Wis: 26
Int: 27
Char: 24
To Hit: 73
Defense: 69
Arcane: 63
Elemental: 43
Spirit: 29

Long Sword 1d10 Damage
.45 semi automatic revolver AMMO: Silver hollow points with Holywater 1d10 + 9 Modifier if target is Vampire or Wereling.

"I am one with nature and sex is my best allie."