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Kratos Talamasca

Bio of Marcus Talamasca

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Hight:8'7" Weight:475

Eyes:Red Hair:Black

Special Skills:Can transform into various creatures and fog. His stare is Hypnotic and he can look into one's soul. By doing so he can see the future of the person he is looking at. He can comunicate with Dragons and ride on their backs as he is a Dragon Knight. He is a Master Sorcerer of Elemental,Arcane and Spirit mystic arts.

Standing at 8'7 and weighing 475. He is the kindness of all the Talamascas. He has red eyes and black hair. Being a hybrid of an Demon & Werebunny at times give him a nasty disdemeanor. He recently was transformed into a vampire by his wife BloodSong Talamasca.

Born to Kronus Beld Kratos is the twin brother of JadeRune Beld. They had a happy childhood till the age of ten when jade got angry and ran away from home. Kratos soon found himself alone and was taught the skills of his father; He had a brilliant mind for designing and making weapons. This caught the attention of the commanding officer of the Harlow’s guards. Tara took him in and taught him the ways of combat and soon young Kratos became captain of the guards at the south gate of the city. As he aged he met an Elven wizard named Toranus who taught him about magic. Once again he showed natural skill in this and in fifteen short years became a powerful sorcerer. It was at this time he met his first wife Nakita. They married and soon after had two children Moonbae and Kronus junior. Five years after the birth of the twins Kratos went off to war as he fought the black dragons. During this bloody conflict he seen his mentors die and lost his best friend Barnabas Collins. He was injured loosing his right arm and right eye. He is now the first Cyborg. Nakit soon left him and he became a dragon knight for the honor knights. He was with them for a short time before he had a fall out with his grandmother the queen of the honor knights Sunnie. He then left the HKc and travel through time to the year 2007 where he met Marius and Marcus Talamasca. He joined them and is now a dragon knight for them. This is where he now calls home.

Str: 38
Dex: 45
Con: 60
Wis: 62
Int: 68
Char: 27
To Hit: 53
Defense: 43
Arcane: 44
Elemental: 62
Spirit: 15
Weapons: Dragon Knight Sword Two handed double diamond edged sword that cuts through everything. 2d40 damage +20 Str modifier for all attacks when this sword is used.

Drow Elven Bow +7 To Hit +7 Damage
Composit Arrow 1d10+7Dam
Orcain Arrow 1d10+7Dam Possible 1d5 if pulled out.
Hand and Half Sword 1d10 one handed 1d13 two handed
Speical Note: His machanical hand can morph into various MODERN weapons Such as AK47 50#1d20 machinegun, Azroc Missle Launcher 1d200Dam
Golden Dragon Armor 35Ap

"I'm the protector of the innocent. But god help those who make an enemy out of me..."