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Chicotae Talamasca

Bio of Marcus Talamasca

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Hight:6'5" Weight:185

Eyes:Brown(Human) Golden(Hawk) Hair:Black/w silver highlites(Human) Black & Silver feathers (Hawk)

Special Skills:Chicotae is an Priest. He can Heal both stanard and mysticly. He can sooth soul via touch and his duties within the family is as the local doctor & priest. He Marries couples and delivers babies. His people are Animorphs and he can take the form of a Hawk. In this form he can take on several sizes.


Chicotae was born as son to the cheif of the Chiciwa Indian tribe. He stands 6'5" and weighs 185 lbs. He has brown eyes and black with silver highlites in his hair that is long. He wears his hair in a pony tail. Dressed in the robes of a priest he tends to be quite unless he is in a group of people he knows. He is fun loving and kind to all. He can morph into a Hawk and can take on various sizes for the stanard Medium sized Hawk to a giant size the size of a 747 Boewing airliner. In Hawk form he has golden eyes and Black & Silver feathers.

Chicotae SilverHawk was born to the chief of the Chiciwa Indians. As a child he was taught the ways of his people and became their shaman. When he was 23 years old his father asked him to leave their native land and explore the world to learn the ways of man. His people being Animorphs were bonded with spirits of animals at birth. He has that of the HAWK. Leaving home he flew southwest to the Shadowlands where he met Dejavu the Queen of the Dark Shadows. It is there where he met his first wife Tweety and she bore him twin sons. He was the High priest for them for close to fifteen years when he received word from his father that he wanted to meet and get to know his wife and two sons. It was at this time he left the Dark Shadows and headed home.

He remained home for five years as his young sons grew and matured. It was the beginning of the sixth year when his father requested that he continued on his quest of learning about Humans and other life forms. He left home with his family on January 24, 1461. They were flying back towards the Shadow Lands when tragity struck as the family of hawks flew into a tropical storm. Chicotae morphed into an massive giant hawk as he tried to sheild his family from the gusting winds and pounding rain. But his sons couldn't keep up and were killed when they were strucked by lighting. He fought the storm to save his wife but he was hit by lighting and they both went down on Zodiac Island. Tweety died when she crashed landed and broke her neck. Chicotae was found and nursed back to health by the local Animorphs. It was in the captial city on this island where he met his second wife MayLing GoldenHawk. They married and remained on this island for several years. Chicotae helped Kratos Beld during the Black Dragon wars and it was he who saved the entire Battalion form certin death when his wife and a mysterious time traveler known as the Doctor prevented his death. He returned home and was told his wife went to Honor Castle looking for him. It was there the were reunited and with the Doctor's help was whisked through time and space to the Year 2007. Here they met Marius and Marcus Talamasca and joined the family. He is now known as Chicotae Talamasca.

To Hit:51
Magic spells:
BoStaff:1d10+5 Damage
Composite Long Bow with Quiver of 40 Composite arrows: Bow as +5 range and +5 Damage Modifier. Arrows are 1d10 damage.

"All people are the children of the gods; I am their light and guide in this life"